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Travel Conditions

General conditions for travelling                    

1. Summary of Arrangement
The organizer is guarantying the realization of the arrangement following the programs,
nevertheless in the case of elementary accidents etc.

2. Application and payment
With the application the custom needs to pay 30% of the arrangement, and the rest after the
confirmation of the reservation.

3. The cost of the arrangement
The prices are given in Euros, but it need to be paid in the Macedonia currency following the
currency exchange. With every need for further favour is understandable a fortiori payment.
The organizer is keeping the right to change the price of the arrangement in case of changing
hotel, transportation etc.

4. The right of the voyager in case of cancelation of the trip
The voyager has rights to cancel the trip, and organizer has right to count the cancelled
arrangement following:
- For cancelation 20-15 days before the trip 10%;
- For cancelation 14-7 days before the trip 30%;
- And a day before the trip 50%.

5. Obligation and rights of the organizer of the trip
The organizer is obligated to care for the realization of the services and also in the interest of
the voyagers following the professional principles of the tourism. The organizer is obligated to
feasible to the voyager all the service included in the arrangement, but not and in the case of
natural disease.

6. Obligation and rights of the voyager
The voyager is obligated to take carry and have personal responsibility for his own
documents, money and baggage for the time of the trip, and to respect the rules of the hotels
in which he stay and to cooperate with the organizer.

7. Transportation
The voyagers need to be in accordance with the transportation and the organizer. Before
travelling with the airplane, the voyager is obligated to be 1 hour and a half before the
checking at the airport. Travelling with the bus, the voyagers need to have the valuable
reservation and to respect the others in interest of successful trip.

8. Solvability of objection
In the case of none implementing certain regulations of the services, the voyagers have the
right of indemnification. Every voyager has rights on objection if the organizer didn’t fulfil the
promised service. The organizer cannot accept the objections by more than one person,
based on one objection.

9. Court case
In accordance on the point 8 of these conditions, custom of the services of the certain
program has rights of the reclamation to the organizer. If the custom is not satisfied with the
decision of the organizer he can ask for further opinion from ATAM or the Court of Tetovo.


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